Tag Design Company Vernon, BC

Who are We?

Tag Design Co. is an Okanagan-based team of creative geeks, designers, developers & solution finders who share a passion for building brands.

Our job description is simple. Humanize your brand, connect with your audience, & share your story.

Your brand’s story starts here.

Tag is your full-service web design company.

We believe that engaging content, smart solutions, and solid branding are not limited to large companies. Every company can benefit from creative solutions in today’s digital landscape. By combining our expertise in new and old media, with a deep understanding of marketing and innovative design savvy, our web development team is able to nimbly solve the wide-ranging needs of today’s clients without breaking the bank.

Our Design Process

We love it when a plan comes together.

Curious about how things are going to go down? Don’t worry, we’ve done this before. Here is a basic idea of what the process will be.


1. Contact

The most daunting step in the process. At this point, you’re probably looking for a quote, a little advice, and a shove in the right direction. Just take a deep breath and call or click.

2. Consult

Our favorite step. We get to meet you, learn about your business, your ideas, and set goals for the project. We can meet online, over the phone or in person.

3. Strategize

Survey the terrain and stalk your prey. Time for us to hit the books/internet to learn about your industry, competitors and target audience. This part of the process is key in helping us determine design style, website features, organic SEO strategies, etc.

4. Populate

Content is king! We develop content around intent. Writing, photography, social media and calls to action that connect your brand’s promise to your audience’s desires.

5. Design

This is what we do best. Now that we’ve done our homework we can further define your brand elements, explore concepts, break out the crayons, and create.

6. Present

The unveiling of our masterpiece! We seek your approval and make sure that our work meets/exceeds the goals we’ve defined.

7. Launch

A star is born, an angel gets her wings, and your project is unleashed! After testing and approval, we launch your project and deliver your files.


Launch day doesn’t mean you’re rid of us, we’re friends now. We watch for any issues, await feedback from the launch, and continue to build on our relationship. You continue to grow, and we continue to be part of your team.

Our Web Development Team

From our “secret” base camp in the Thompson Okanagan / Okanagan Shuswap region of BC, we remotely service & manage our family of web & graphic design clients across Canada.

No brick & mortar allows us to concentrate solely on our client’s needs.
Fair pricing & less red tape. Simple.

Sterling Dickie

Sterling Dickie

Lead Designer / Developer

2 years of tap, 4 years of ballet, and 21 years of graphic design and web development.

Seth Drobot

Seth Drobot

Designer / Web Developer

Semi-pro gamer and coffee connoisseur. Seth likes to keep us all thinking outside the box.

Alexandra Turner

Alexandra Turner

SEM Specialist / Copywriter

Hiking enthusiast and happy dog-mom of 3. Debatedley crime documentary obsessed.

Jason Peters

Jason Peters

Designer / Web Developer

Code monkey and lead geek! Jason is truly gifted in the art of making things work.

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