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What’s in a brand?

The definition of the word “brand” seems to vary depending on the source. Why all the confusion you ask? Well, a company’s brand is comprised of many elements reaching far beyond your company logo, the goals being; recognition, loyalty and growth. Your branding serves as a bridge between your company’s promise, and your customers desires. The more elements you focus on, the stronger your brand. In a nutshell, your brand is what you make it.

The blueprint for building and managing your brand is simple

  1. Determine what your customers want, and how you plan to deliver.
  2. Convey a clear message that your customers and employees can identify with.
  3. Demand quality and consistency of your service, communications, and business procedures

Key focus areas

  • your business name
  • names you give your products or services
  • slogan / brand promise
  • your logo
  • the style, quality and consistency of your branding/advertising design, stationery, etc.
  • product packaging
  • your premises
  • where and how you advertise
  • how you and your employees dress
  • how you and your employees behave
  • your company website

Happy branding!

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